October 08, 2014


Dates enjoyed: Sept. 18 (received) Enjoyment continues when I look at them.

These things have been crawling all over the internet for the past year, so I doubt they're anything new to most of you. But just in case, I offer this two sentence briefing: Super7 made it a mission to finally produce an unproduced line of Kenner Alien action figures from 1979 using the original molds. FunKo stepped in to help distribute them and went on to help produce a massive series of 3 3/4-inch "ReAction" figures that emulate the classic Kenner Star Wars format featuring a wide variety of characters from TV and film.

There are plenty of '80s horror toys out there, but this format still seems delightfully surreal to me. My picture (up above) looks like it belongs in a parody commercial. This feeling is reinforced by Pinhead's baby-like features. Yeah, I know: Where's Jason? Let's just pretend he's still part of a mail-away offer for three proofs of purchase, or something.

Just as FunKo had banked on, the low-detail, stiff posture, and minimal articulation struck a chord deep within me. This stands to reason because other than my Star Wars guys, the only thing I held for more cumulative childhood hours was my Atari joystick. From the moment I read the list of ReAction characters I wanted to see my Star Wars figures standing next to these other mythic beings.

I got my wish...

 Little known fact: Vader had two groups of bounty hunters.

This concept isn't new to me. As a kid I had a number of other Star Wars-sized non-Lucasfilm figures like Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica and Tron. I was always hesitant to mix worlds willy-nilly so I'd concoct a storyline that explained the crossover, and the new figures would "guest star" in that day's play. Then, just like a TV show, all would be resolved, and normal Star Wars life would return by the end of the "episode." The Cylons would have to reside on a far away shelf until their next appearance.

Lastly, a parting shot that's destined to show up on countless 'Halloween decorating idea' Pinterest boards...



Scott Tauser said...

I started buying these too... I still need Pinhead and Sam... They have some Terminator and Predator ones also that are pretty cool.

Todd Franklin said...

If only I could buy these and travel back to the early 1980s and hand them over to my ten-year-old self. I too spent hours making up adventures with my Star Wars action figures and friends. Some of my storylines could last for weeks. Yeah, these ReAction figures sure are hitting my nostalgia button!

Janice said...

Loved the final photo! Had to laugh when I read about "the crossover" storylines. If you haven't, look into "The Adventures of the Samurai Cat" books series. Now that's crossover!

Kirk D. said...

Scott- yes it's hard to know where to stop, there are so many good ones!

Todd- the time travel angle is exactly what I was thinking. What if I successfully did it only to find that my ten year old self was scared by them.

Janice- I see what you mean. It crosses a Samurai with a Cat!