May 03, 2013


If you like reading blog posts of a guy boasting about who's done what with his work then this will be a major treat for you!

The painting above is by a British artist named Stuart Semple who immortalized the cover of Mail-Order Mysteries, which I designed, as part of his Daily Doodle series wherein he draws something each day and puts it up on ebay. The piece inspired by my cover fetched about ninety dollars. I can get ninety bucks too, I just have to sell like, um, around.. ninety...books.  I'm actually super jazzed by this. I've been thinking a lot about "remix culture" lately (to which I am a big contributor) and I love seeing my own work in the mix.

Also, if you look closely at this photo you'll see an arrow (Photoshopped, not real!!)...

It's pointing to a Mail-Order Mysteries cameo on AMC's Comic Book Men, Season 1, episode 3. (My friend Kevin (not Smith) sent me this screen grab. I saw the episode and completely missed it!) I'm honored that it's among Kevin Smith's Secret Stash, and we didn't even have to pay for product placement. If you ever visit their store please buy the book while doing something extremely entertaining.

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