November 09, 2011


Every time I think the story of my favorite defunct dark ride has come to an end it seems that a new chapter opens up. Recently I reported that several props from the Phantasmagoria were being sold off at the Vintage Tulsa antique show. Many fans came to the event just to see these pieces of Tulsa history one last time. However, I just got word that these spooks aren't dead yet, they're just moving.

About a half dozen gags from the "Phantaz" were purchased by Trimper's amusement park of Ocean City, MD to be installed in their historic Haunted House! Trimper's Haunted House is one of the most beloved dark rides of its kind and one of the last eight surviving attractions designed by spookhouse mastermind Bill Tracy who was also responsible for the Phantasmagoria.

Brandon Seidl, founder of Trimper’s Haunted House Online, tells me that the props which include the "skull cave" and the "coffin skeleton" are expected to be in place by Spring 2012. Trimper's is renowned for the pride they take in their history, and I can't think of a more appropriate location for this collection of scaries. I see a Maryland vacation in my future.

You can take a look at the classic haunted house in this photographic walkthrough or better yet, a video ride-though.


Patrick M said...

the Trimper's Haunted House is AMAZING. i have been going there almost every summer since birth, and it's great to see that the attractions only change for the better. thanks for the information!

Kirk D. said...

Patrick- You are fortunate and you are welcome.