August 19, 2011


Hi folks! I'd like to finally announce my upcoming book, Mail-Order Mysteries! For over a decade I've been tracking down actual products that were sold in novelty ads from vintage comic books and in this book I compare the wild marketing claims with over 150 of the actual products. The concept is loosely based on a section of the Secret Fun Spot that I put together nearly ten years ago, though much more extensive and polished. Mail-Order Mysteries, is slated for a late September release (the date on Amazon isn't quite correct) by Insight Editions, and can be pre-ordered at Amazon. I'm happy to report that the hardbound, 156-page volume is only $13.57!

If you're in an extra supportive mood, feel free to click the Facebook "Like" button on the Amazon page. I've learned that even something like that (not to mention the pre-orders themselves) can affect the size of Amazon's second order.

In upcoming weeks I'll talk more about its origins and share sneak peeks and a number of entries that didn't make the final cut. Stay tuned!


David R said...

KIRK! Can't Wait to see this!
Who would I talk to about whole sale for the store (Secret Headquarters)..?

Kirk D. said...

David- I'll send you an email!

Anonymous said...

Got it on my wish list AND clicked the Facebook "Like" button!

Brian O.

Kirk D. said...

Brian, Thank you! and thanks to you other kind folks who Liked it with Facebook.

AllHallowSteve said...

Just catching up on my blog-reading and caught this.

Can't wait to read it. I think it'll be perfect for my "Christmas-sit-by-the-fire" book this year.