December 11, 2009


Thanks to Mike at Tulsa TV Memories I recently acquired this official vintage souvenir goblet from my favorite defunct dark ride, the Phantasmagoria which once stood in my favorite defunct amusement park, Bell's of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The piece of glassware sports a single-color version of the bumper sticker design.

I can only wonder about it's origin. Was it received in exchange for a mountain of Ski-ball tickets? Or was it a reward for some other sort of midway achievement like ball-throwing or balloon-popping?

It's a terrific find because I like to think about mechanical skeletons and dangerous mine shafts while enjoying a large chalice of milk.

I have added it to my online Phantasmagoria archive along with this commemorative bumper sticker which was produced by Kalvin Roberts shortly after the spook house was razed.


Karswell said...

Amazing find! I recently bought a vintage Mountain Dew goblet just like that with the old style lettering printed in green... most any kind of liquid refreshment tastes better when served in a chilled goblet.

Brandon said...

What a great score!! I also miss Bells and Phantasmagoria. My grandpa took me there when I was nine or ten...and I reveled in the fact that I could ride Phantasmagoria all by myself--the secrets belonged to me and me alone! As always, thanks for the great memory jog, Kirk!

Anonymous said...

Kirk. This must be your Holy Grail of all things. I stumbled upon your blog a long while back researching something that I cant remember about now but at the time it was so important to me that I read through your entire Phantasmagoria account. I am truly happy for you and what better time of year??? However, having come to know your love of trickery one can only be too cautious in believing that this is truely a new aquisition. This could after all be an "unreleased basement" tape couldnt it?

P.s. it was your love of photographing old signs that brought me to your blog.

Kirk D. said...

Karswell- Man that Mountain Dew version sounds sooooo familiar! I know I've drank from one before.

Brandon- you were a brave nine or ten year old. I was seventeen before I got the nerve to brave it and that was with a friend.

James- wow, how did I miss making a Holy Grail joke in my post? Haha, if there's any trickery going on then it would have to be from the guy who sold it to me on ebay. And that's impossible because NOBODY on ebay would EVER be deceptive.
(and I've got more old sign photos on the way)

Willy G said...

Hi, I found your blog about the Phantasmagoria around this time last year. I was 7 when the park closed so I only have vague memories of the ride. I do remember riding the ride at 4 and being OK, but the last time I ever rode it, I covered my eyes... It seems I was always riding it with my Grandma. Anyways, I was wondering if any of the newer RIP Bell's bumper stickers are still available. Obviously the web searches still bring up nothing. Thanks very much,

Kirk D. said...

Hi Will-
Sadly those are no longer available. Thanks for sharing your memories!

Willy G said...

That's too bad, I saw one on a bug at the target at 21st and Yale not too long ago... Thanks anyway.. Love your site.