August 12, 2009


Hip Nip- A flask shaped like a dapper whino,
as featured in my Monkey Goggles article.

The geniuses behind Seattle's Archie McPhee Novelties just kicked off a rip-roaring new web site called Monkey Goggles. Their mission...

" present the world as we see it and ignore the things we find boring... we write about the parts of the world that society forgot or does not have the nerve to ponder."

Furthermore, I would like to mirthfully announce that I will be a regular contributor to Monkey Goggles! Please accept this invitation to check out my very first article, "Selections from the 1959 PICO novelty catalog."


magikalseasons said...

I thought to myself why is this flask so familiar? My Dad had this it used to sit on a bar shelf. Big drinkers back then! Thanks for the blast from the past!

jodbirch said...

Enjoyed the article! I'd like to see what the "Hot" Nip flask looked like with the lady!

Kirk D. said...

magikalseasons- I think it would have been fun to grow up around a home bar that was decorated with this sort of stuff. Of course I'd be an alcoholic now though.
Wacky vintage bar ware is so cool.

jodbirch- thanks!
You can see hot nip here..