August 17, 2009


Not long ago my sister-in-law snapped a bunch of pictures of my house, and the next thing I knew she managed to get them posted on the always inspiring Apartment Therapy blog. Had I known this would happen, I wouldn't have left my shoes lying on the floor.

I'll spare you the details because my wife filled out a questionnaire for the post that you can find in the write-up. But I will say that truly, we do not put much energy or money into decorating our home. I'll bet we've spent under $2000 on furniture and decor for the entire thing and that's stuff we've accumulated over the course of a decade. (Okay, not counting my collections of goodies.) The coolest stuff in the place (the sectional and vinyl chairs) were gifts from friends. The house itself is marvelously mid-century so we find that the less we interfere with the aesthetics the better.

While you may not be, I was happy to see that my collection of toys, pranks, and other nonsense is barely visible in this set, because one or two shots could have killed dozens of future blog posts.

So if you're curious, here's the photo tour and here's the write-up.


Anthony said...

Groovy pad!

Both, the write-up and the photo tour were wonderful! I'm a little perplexed, however, as to why Apartment Therapy would feature a house? But that's just me being anal, I guess...

It's so evident that you and your wife have lovingly furnished and decorated your home. Not only with excellent style, but also respect for the subject's history.

What a great place for a kid to grow up in, too!

You guys ROCK!

John Rozum said...

Thanks for the tour. I love the Provenson inspired tiger.

Matt Hunter Ross said...

excellent - love that fireplace, and really dig the office!

John Wells said...

Very nice house, loved the chairs and the couch. I also noticed you have the exact same answering machine I do.

liza jane said...

ahHA! i loved that tour and it only just figures it'd be your house. too cool.

Jody B. said...

You have a GREAT place!! The Sputnik light rules. And that tiger really reminds me of artwork I used to see at "Sambo's" restaurant as a kid!

Steven A. said...

Your kitchen is the kitchen in which I will bake pies all day long in Heaven!

Todd Franklin said...

Fabtacular! I can't wait to show this to the first lady. She'll flip!

Chris Donato said...

I have an RCA television cabinet, if you're interested. But you'll have to wait until we graduate to another tele.

Wings said...

LOVE YOUR PLACE!!! Can I come live with you??? Or can you come decorate my place? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... is it possible to want to marry a house?! I mean... a HOUSE!

Anonymous said...

Your place is awesome in that eerie, spooky, weird vibe kind of way. Also, get that mold in the Master taken care of, would ya.


Kirk D. said...

Anthony- Thanks! Yeah, I wondered the same thing about a house on that site. Maybe it's so apartment owners can steal ideas from the homeowners. If that's the case I want the article taken down!

And yes, I'm so pleased that this gets to be my son's home. I hope we stay here throughout his childhood.

John- that was swiped from some Charles Spencer Anderson clip art.

Thanks Matt- I think the fireplace is what sold the whole place for me.

John- ha, I wonder if our answering machines will be collectible in fifty years. "Just scored a vintage 2001 GE from a flea market!"

liza- yes, I figured it's not far off from what you guys might have imagined. Maybe less cluttered.

Jody- We originally looked at the house because someone told us we might be able to rescue that sputnik light. Obviously we got more than the light.

Steven- I'm afraid pies are too evil to be in heaven. My kitchen will be there though.

Todd- did she flip?

Chris- if it will give you an excuse to come visit then I'm interested. Otherwise, I don't think I have any room.

wings- yes and yes, but you can only chose one.

anonymous- actually the house is still single!

James- Ha! I did always want to live in the haunted mansion at disneyworld. That mold is actually great for my sinuses.

Mel M. said...

Just signed up as an official blog follower- even though I've been following for a while! Wanted to tell you I love the pics of your house! Great decorating job! I try to keep a similar theme but I just have waaaay to much stuff! Gotta clam down on the Saturday morning yard saling with my Dad... Keep up the great blogging- I'll be reading!

Kirk D. said...

Thanks Mel! Yeah, stuff is tricky because I gravitate towards it but then I don't have any place for it. I have a bunch at work, a bunch in the garage, and a bunch that is is just out of frame in the home tour.
Never stop with the yard sales!