July 08, 2009


Yes, those chimp-like hands are mine, fearfully signing fifty prints of my Torrance family portrait for the Crazy 4 Cult show- fearful of screwing one up. These will be available on July 16th when the third installment of the show opens. You can order yours by calling the gallery at 323.937.7088 or emailing gallery1988 [at] aol.com

I wanted to give the signing event extra significance so I used an old novelty skeleton pencil that I got as a stocking stuffer in 1987. I'm not sure how it relates to the project, but it's more special than a boring ol' #2.

Most of the art I buy comes from flea markets, which explains why I was so blown away by the quality of these prints. The paper is actually thicker than the stuff I used for the original colored pencil piece! They did such a fantastic job.

The original piece currently resides among the private collection of actor Michael Rappaport who has described his typical film roles as "the dumb white guy." How I would love to see the rest of his art. I like envisioning him plucking my piece from his wall and sending it back to the gallery for scanning as he did earlier this summer. I immediately follow this thought with memories of seeing him on the big screen in flicks like Cop Land and Metro. This sort of shorts out my brain.


Brandon said...

Congrats on your all of your recent successes, including your Shining piece! Best of luck and blessings on the upcoming show.

Where did you have your prints done, if you don't mind me asking? Miss your posts but I know you've been super busy.


Anthony said...

That portrait looks great, what I can see of it! 'The Shining' is one of my favorite movies... So, right on!

Btw, I watched your 'Flip' short and absolutely dug it! Are you currently working on any films? I think you've certainly got an "it" factor going for you. And you're obviously multi-talented!

Keep on keepin' on!

Christopher said...

They look great. I must explore the option of making one of these my own.

Todd Franklin said...

Way to go Kirk! Congrats on the prints and can't wait to see your new portraits for the C4C show!

Oh oh, I think you mispelled your name wrong on one of those.

Kirk D. said...

Brandon- Just found out those prints were done in-house by Gallery 1988. (at the San Francisco location)

Thanks for missing the posts, I sure wish I had more time for this blog!

Anthony- Thanks for all the encouragement, and so glad you enjoyed Flip!
I definitely plan to do more filmmaking in one form or another. I've got a list of stories in various forms of development, but nothing is close to leaving the paper so to speak. You readers will be first to know if and when any milestones are reached. Thanks for asking!

Christopher- what an interesting exploration.

Todd- Thanks! for a split second I truly believed you and felt a little panic. No kidding, that's how nerve-racking it was!