April 01, 2009


Every day in April I will be honoring fools everywhere by sharing a daily photo (or two) featuring a vintage, cheap-o, commercially manufactured prank and/or gag. It should be noted that none of these will be products of S.S. Adams, the reigning originators of the novelty industry. Rather, the bulk will be amusingly obscure no-brand fare.

I'm adding a new blogger label "April of Fools" for this set, should somebody want to link to the whole group or see them all in one place.

Hopefully this series will provide a semi-entertaining look at some of the proverbial discarded shoes on the shoulder of the humor highway. One thing is for certain- it will be foolish.


prof. grewbeard said...

sounds cool. t'would be nice to see regular posts again!

Anonymous said...

Where does one purchase "The Best" hand buzzer? I tried (sparked by the discovery and following of your blog no less) recently to buy one only to find that the joke was on me.........I need the real deal that you would recommend Kirk.

Kirk D. said...

thanks prof! believe me I wish I had the time to post constantly.

Well, I'm totally biased because I still produce work for S.S. Adams. But they did invent the joy buzzer and theirs are still assembled in the U.S.A. so that makes them a top candidate.
Now full disclosure here.. I've done some blind testing with joy buzzers to determine which had more kick (more joy?) and I've found lesser known brands to prevail in some cases. But that could have just been the particular buzzers I had on hand.
So if you want to order one online I recommend http://www.fljerry.com/
(who sells Adams)
If you want one off the shelf you'll probably have to go to your nearest tourist mecca or magic shop (or even Disneyland). That's where I tend to see them most these days.

Great question!

Kirk D. said...

Just looked at F.L. Jerry and their picture is a non-adams buzzer.

So if you want an Adams I'd check ebay or call them and ask for the nearest retailer (their number is on their web site)

Anonymous said...

THanks man!

Todd Franklin said...

Great idea for a countdown and sorry I'm arriving late to the show! I'm now caught up and looking forward to the rest of the month.