April 07, 2009


(Note: the liquid escaped long ago.)

(Note: the liquid is discolored; it was originally brown.)

In case the concept is unclear— liquid is sealed between two layers of plastic, hypothetically causing your victim to stretch their neck back at the promise of booze.

I purchased my first Trick Brandy Glass (the model seen directly above) at a gift shop in Gatlinburg, Tennessee when I was in the seventh grade. Throughout the drive home I anxiously checked the glass about every hundred miles to make sure that it was intact. A mixture of relief and triumph passed over me when I successfully removed the breakable from its bubble wrap and displayed it on my bedroom shelf.

Next I unpacked my new "Bug in the Ice Cube" gag. I was extremely proud of my notion to display it inside the the Brandy Glass. A prank within a prank—pure genius. I dropped in the plastic ice cube and the trick snifter shattered, spewing colored liquid from Taiwan all over my carpet.

The replacement seen above was a souvenir from a 1996 road trip to Las Vegas. It was a very long drive home.


Shawn Robare said...

Wow, brown to blue, that liquid has one heck of a crazy color half-life.

Steve said...

Yeah, we had one we got from the magic shop or Spencer's. No one was fooled by it but were usually fascinated by it. I don't recall what became of it. We most of our stuff ended up getting pulverized or discarded.