April 06, 2009



David Wahl said...

One of the best classic gags, but also disappointing.

I think we, Archie McPhee, actually improved the original gag with our Emergency Yodel Button twist. Ours actually makes noise!

I remember a computer button version of this from the 90s that replaced the escape key on your keyboard with a "panic" button. I'll did around and see if I have a pic of it somewhere.

prof. grewbeard said...

is Panic Button a good band name? not sure...

Kirk D. said...

David- yes a huge, misplaced button that doesn't do anything when pushed is nothing but a letdown waiting to happen.
Agreed that the Yodel button is a major advancement.

This also reminds me of the dashboard missile launcher that I always wanted when I was a teen.

(I know of the keyboard button you speak of too. Fun as well.)

Prof G.- Certainly there already is one! Although I find myself too lazy to google it now. (incidentally I was listening to a song today called Panic Switch)


LOL, from the graphic I thought it electrically shocked people when pressed. XD So it does nothing? Meh.

I like the shock idea..which is funny, but in a cruel sort of way. I can imagine it being places "in a lavatory" or "near a hospital bed" and then when poor Mrs. Miller pulls a "Help I've fallen and I can't get up!" she reaches for the button to summon help and......BZZZZZAT!