March 09, 2009


Hey classic horrorologists, this is your chance to vote on the best of everything under the classic horror sun. And even if you don't feel like casting a ballot it's well worth a click to discover the greatest in classic horror that 2008 had to offer. Long live Rondo! (Voting ends on March 21)


cube said...

I checked the Rondo link and I was shocked at the paltry list of horror movies for 2008. True, I haven't seen them all, but it did look like there were some slim pickings.

Kirk D. said...

Yeah, I'm thinking the nominees reflect the tastes of the classic horror lovers. I can think of a bunch they didn't include (Quarantine, Prom Night, Saw V, The Ruins, Mirrors, Diary of the Dead etc.) Not to mention all of the direct to DVD slashers I've seen on store shelves throughout the year.