November 09, 2008


Last week I received my copy of the new WHAM-O Super Book by Tim Walsh, and having read it, I feel the need to plug it again. It's all that I was hoping for, in fact, it far exceeded my already high expectations. I was under the false impression that I knew WHAM-O; turns out almost every page offered a new surprise.

It's a treat to finally learn the story and meet the geniuses behind the company. I also greatly appreciated seeing the freaky non-toy products that they experimented with, like soap dishes, garden fountains, and yes, fallout shelter covers. And somehow these strange forays still feel Whamo-esque.

I was unaware of WHAM-O's strong mail order presence which, given my own mail-away novelty fetish, increases my fondness for the company. The book design is terrific; it puts to use treated vintage WHAM-O graphics in a very effective way. There's loads of BIG photos and archival promotional material so it's great for artistic reference and inspiration.

Tim is offering signed copies for $19.95 on his web site.
Non-signed editions can be found on Amazon.

Thanks Tim for giving WHAM-O the treatment that it deserves!


Anthony said...

not gonna lie, i would love one of those WHAM-O aqua, soap dishes.

Tim said...

Glad you like the book, Kirk. It was a blast to put together. I think I now know how you felt during your "weeklong excavation of the historic S.S. Adams' building in Neptune, New Jersey." I went to Emeryville, California to the headquarters of WHAM-O, and although the building is new, the company archives were six huge file cabinets filled with dust and a ton of memories. From one big kid to another, thanks for the kudos.

prof. grewbeard said...

i still have my Monster Magnet!

Todd Franklin said...

I'll add this one to my Christmas list!

cube said...

Thanks for sharing. I have some fond memories of WHAM-O products myself.

Kirk D. said...

anthony- thank you for being truthful. You won't regret it.

tim- Thanks for chiming in! I thought the same thing about our parallel book experiences. It's completely surreal to trace these childhood wonders back to their source. My experience felt like a dream and at the same time there's a pressure to share their story with the world in just the right way. And it's such an honor to be the storyteller. Anyway I'm so glad you got to do it because you obviously have a love for the company and a strong connection to their work.

prof. grewbeard- excellent. I've got mine too. We must never let them go!

todd- I'm certain you will enjoy this one.

cube- you bet!