November 10, 2008


I'm super pleased with this new package that I just designed for S.S. Adams. Mystic Smoke has been one of Adams' top selling products for many decades, but this is the first time in recent history that it's received its own customized package. They wanted a look that was even more appealing to kids than the standard template we've landed on... I did away with the some of the straight lines and employed the very organically-shaped smoke. The excellent kid came from genuine unused production art from the Adams vault that was illustrated in the 1960s. I took a hint of design inspiration from the Saul Bass movie poster for Hitchcock's Vertigo.
In a perfect world, wacky misaligned lettering would be everywhere.


Jamey Clayberg said...

YES. My favorite one yet.

Anonymous said...

Super work! I hope the tube doesn't obstruct the artwork too much. Does Adams pay you in cash or pranks?

Did you ever see the old Spumco paint set boxes? That was some fun packaging though maybe a little too busy for retailers.

Brian O.

Chris Donato said...

Looks great, man. Diggin the dog poop. I have to get my hands on some of that shit.

Flying (Corporal) Lemurs?

Anonymous said...

Nice art man.. i can imagine the old age

Brian said...

Mystic Smoke!

Nice design it sure brings back memories.

My friend and I had purchased a tube and ran to the mall bathroom to apply it to our fingers.

I applied a small amount and began making "Smoke" but my friend became greedy and in the rush to apply a liberal amount the back of the tube broke open, giving him the entire contents in the palm of his hands.

He made handfuls of smoke for a week because it wouldn't wash off.

Good memories, thanks.

Kirk D. said...

jamey- thank ye, it's mine as well.

brian o.- thanks!
What's nice about this one is that the tube is actually enclosed in this type of package, so I didn't have to even consider it for a change. I have seen those paint sets. Beautiful indeed, all that stuff is packaged so well.

chris- ha! well put. And thanks for the lemur update. It challenges my views on lemurs.

fikriadnan- thanks! Some people have actually mistaken it for authentic vintage art. Don't know if that's good or bad.

brian- ha,ha thanks for sharing the memory. That's perfect. Wow, what a mess; you're right, that stuff is a bear to get off (and smelly to boot!). I'm imagining your friend applauding days later and creating an enormous smoke screen. I would be interested in seeing what kind of effect you could get with large amounts of that stuff.

RoverHaus said...

Ahh, it is nice to know that I have a bit of KirkD greatness in my home. Just last night, we were at the local game/magic shop in our mall and picked up some of your work..not knowing, of course, but still very impressed after the fact.

Kirk D. said...

rover- very cool. Neat that I managed to indirectly get in on a moment of family magic.
And when the victims of your pranks cry with humiliation, I'll be there too.

Anonymous said...

would you like to barter link.. and be my Pall?

thank you