January 10, 2008


A smorgasbord of my personal favorites merge beautifully in this one simple photograph. You're witnessing a teenage Steve Martin demonstrating a magic trick in Disneyland's Merlin's Magic Shop! The ventriloquist dummies and novelty skulls are just the cherries on top. And it's all happening in the 1960s. Aaaaargh! It's all just too wonderful to comprehend.

This pic came from Martin's new-ish book, Born Standing Up, which I'm really looking forward to reading.


Savage said...

I just finished the book over the holidays and it is wonderful. I'll be reading again soon. It just says so much about the man and I'm a big fan.

Matt Strawbridge said...

I'm really looking forward to reading it as well. And such a neat picture really makes me want to pick it up that much sooner.

Karswell said...

I totally want to read this too. I cherish those old Martin records and love his early movies and SNL moments, but if the Steve Martin in this Merlin pic could gaze into his crystal ball and see what kind of movies he'd be making 40 years into the future he'd probably wanna kick his ass.

Max the drunken severed head said...

This is a cool pic and post! Odd to see martin with dark hair.

But I'm commenting here mainly to say "CONGRATUALATIONS!" You're on this year's Rondo award ballot, and deservedly so!

Daniel said...

Thank you for the post. But where can I find the book?

Anonymous said...

wow - I know not a really coherent thought- but apt for the posting.


cube said...

And all this time I thought he had misspent his youth juggling kittens.

joan said...

hi, i´m amazed with all this beautiful objects! i put a link to your blog in my blog´s weekly recomendations! i hope you can visit it.
greetings from mexico!

Kirk D. said...

Hey folks- My wife surprised me with this book and I devoured it quickly. A highly enjoyable read I must say. It reinforced the fondness I've had for Martin since childhood. I think modern comedy would be vastly different now were it not for Martin's influence.

savage- nice to have you commenting here! I quite enjoy your blog.

matt- you can read an excerpt here...

karswell- I would love it if he wrote a sequel and explained his thinking behind his modern career choices. He says in the book that the late 70s was the funniest he's ever been.

Thanks Max! Which reminds me I've got to go vote!

daniel- assuming your not joking, an amazon link appears at the bottom of the post.

your welcome kate

cube- I didn't mention that part of his life because I wanted to keep things "safe for work." Yes, just terrible.

Thanks very much joan. I appreciate the link! Very interesting work, yours is.