January 03, 2008


I found this box back in college while working at the campus hamburger joint. It's still too hilarious to throw away...


letseatpaste said...

I remember being in the Eagle's Nest before I really knew you and Jamey and I remember you guys remarking about the "For Pure Pleasure" on the straw box, I don't know if that was the moment you discovered it, but I've always looked for that box ever since. City Bagel (RIP) used those straws.

I also remember hearing you go back and forth with your impressions of Arnold Schwarzeneggar saying various cliches like, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."

Travis said...

That is really funny!

I have to say- the pictures of your place at Christmas (the ones with Mr. Toast) drive me crazy! I LOVE your place! It's exactly like you pictured in your Flip cartoon. Plus I can just see a glimpse of your amazing collection down the hall. Wow. I did have my own aluminum tree in the living room, tho. Plus one in my office!

Anonymous said...

I just found your site and love it! I can't email you like I'd prefer because my Outlook isn't set-up, so posting here will have to suffice.

I really enjoy all the Halloween stuff... and the vintage stuff... and just everything. It's neat to see so much of it in one place, and the eye-catching design of your sites really is impressive. Keep up the great work!

Matt Strawbridge of Jonesboro, AR

Kirk D. said...

letseatpaste- "for pure pleasure" seems to have turned into a self fulfilling prophesy considering that a dozen years later a box of straws is still on your list of college memories, and it demands me to scan, post, and share it with the world.
It is purely pleasurable.

travis- I'm happy to hear the photos were enjoyable yet maddening. All part of my plan. hahaha!

matt- thanks for your kind note! I'm glad you found the place and I hope you find time to visit again. I WILL be posting again soon. Anyway, I appreciate the encouragement!