October 17, 2007


I'd best show these stunning editions of Jack and Jill before Plastic Pumpkins beats me to them.

Illustration by Bob Milnazik

Illustration by Marion Ebert


Sparkle Plenty said...

Zowie, is the lil' pirate toting a Unicef CAN? I always had a little orange milk carton that clanked. And that I often dropped in the street (thud-clank). Wow. I wonder when the whole Unicef/Hallowe'en team-up happened? Eh, I'll just sit back and chill. Maybe one of you guys will cover it.

Sparkle Plenty said...

P.S. My kooky vaudeville schtick is my anti-monster weapon of choice precisely because it is baffling! Monsters scratch their heads all befuddled and forget their evil/vile intentions. At least, that's how it worked for Abbott and Costello. Kinda.

Dane said...

Oh, Jack and Jill! I remember that magazine fondly. My uncle, who was around a decade older than me, gave me all his old Jack and Jills when I was little, so I got to grow up enjoying all that great midcentury art too.

Steven A. said...

Two J & J's that I don't have! I love the Unicef kids although outside of the Casper comic book ads I can't recall ever seeing a Unicef can or box in real life. I must have grown up in a heartless and selfish little town!

And just like dane, I came by most of my old '50's and '60's mags through aunts, uncles and parents. Way better than the outdated clothes that were handed down from older cousins!

Kirk D. said...

Sparkle- the whole UNICEF thing didn't happen in my neck of the woods so I'm in the dark about it, and too lazy to look it up on Wikipedia. Sounds like it added another layer of interest to your Halloweens.

dane and steven- Funny, mine used to be my moms. (that's why I blurred the address, it's still my grandmother's current residence!) Jack and Jill somehow figured out the secret to becoming an instant heirloom.

modmom said...

those made my day! they're fabulous!