February 12, 2007


Could this be the perfect book cover? The title is The Sleeping Sphinx (1947) by golden age mystery writer John Dickson Carr. (The story is actually still in print.) Some web searching has led me to think it originally had a dust jacket. It's a shame because I've never seen an image that single-handedly sums up "intrigue" better than this. My copy was a recent Christmas gift from my wonderful wife... talk about great taste!


The CDP. said...

That's beautiful. Who cares what's on the inside, the cover alone makes the book look like Pandora's Box.

MrBaliHai said...

It's the Necronomicon...don't open it!

Todd said...

Those Dr. Fell books are actually quite good... one of my favorite dust covers is another in the series, "The Panic in Box C"

Kirk D. said...

cdp- no doubt. that cover sets my expectations too high. I feel like I will only be let down by the contents.

mr balihai- lesse Klatu.. Nicto... oh, no I forget the rest!

todd- hmmm, maybe I SHOULD read it then. But don't tell cdp who commented above, I told him that I wasn't going to.

cube said...

I have 6 of these. I've never actually read them, but the covers were what attracted me to the books. I think the best title is "The Man Who Could Not Shudder."

BTW its "Klaatu Barada Nicto"