December 13, 2006


A single Christmas morning can change everything. One day you're incapable of launching blue ping pong balls at anything and the very next day you're fully equipped to do just that. It was actually Tupperware that produced the wonderful gadget I'm holding in the photo. It's as though some Tupperware exec called a meeting and said.. "Everyone is aware that we've mastered the art of keeping air away from food, now let us put that same air to work! Let's really show it who's boss by forcing it to do something ridiculous.. launching little plastic balls! Gentlemen we are truly the masters of air."
It took me years to figure out that the thing wasn't just a wonderful gun, and that it was intended to be a game of 'catch.'
Over time it would prove to be so much more..
-Unscrew the red thing and you can yell through the yellow part like a megaphone.
-Fill the red part with water and one squeeze has massive drenching power.
-Wear yellow part on head for comic effect.
-Squeeze the red thing, place the open end on human flesh, release and hold. One minute later you're wearing a perfect, circular hickey.

Merry Christmas Tupperware! May your patented 'burping seal' live on.


Joe said...

Having owned this exact same toy there was at least one other function for it. Remove red thing and place open end against the palm of your hand just right and you had a wonderful woopie cousin sound effect.

iamchief said...

...and they're dishwasher safe.

Kirk D. said...

Joe- How did I ever miss out on that function?
Everything would be different now. I was cheated. Cheated I tell you!