December 14, 2006


By then Christmas had blossomed into an entire season full of activities and events. I counted down the days on that pop-up advent calendar you can see on the left. Not even my new, bald sibling could keep us from our yuletide tinkery. That year we made tree ornaments (from a kit), baked and frosted my first sugar cookies and created a dollhouse diorama of a winter scene.
In the photo I'm opening Mr. Potato Head. (Classic!) The purple box at my feet contained a puzzle depicting an illustrated zoo with many monkeys on the loose. Oh the countless hours I invested... Wow, I just realized that this has to be painfully boring to read, meanwhile I'm sitting here welling up with bittersweet excitement as the comfort of childhood overflows in my brain like an expanding pillow. Well, I'll just wrap things up here so that I can go wallow in my own gooey sentimentality for a time.

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