October 13, 2006


Era: 1990s
Glow-in-the-Dark?: No
Place of Origin: Unknown
Rib Count: 14
Celebrity Look-alike: Jack Nicholson
Description: In an effort to further educate the public in the art of 'metal ring' skeleton construction, I offer this final example. I'm certain you'll agree that he makes a striking impression. Unlike Skeleton #20, this one has rings that are of suitable proportions. This skeleton is undoubtedly an inspired piece of work (as opposed to Skeleton #20 which I suspect was "inspired" by this design, which is putting it nicely). This model excels in many ways.. from the carefully detailed sculpt to the remarkably true-to-life bone tone. But possibly his greatest quality (though difficult to see in this photo) is his "jeweled" eyes of imitation blue topaz. As a rule, jeweled eyes are the badge of a quality skeleton. Remember that.
Additional Info: This one is also a keychain. There's no telling how many lives he's saved.
Cause of Death: Fell on a pile of sharp jewels
Rating: 7.7


chuckbaris said...

re: your previous blog on skeleton #21
I didn't realize those were being refered to as jigglers. I've been looking all over town and the internet for those and they still elude me. I've seriously gone to toys r us every day I have off trying to find those stinking things. I sometimes ask myself if these things I do are healthy.

Devlin Thompson said...

I think this guy is my favorite jump-ring skeleton of all. I've actually got the display card for this one, which I painstakingly retouched and made repros of for no good reason. I'll send you one along with the MYSTERY SKELETON. Oh, and Chuck...you might try joining the "Universal Monster Army" Yahoo group and asking if anyone has extras to sell or trade. Even if they don't, they've got a lot of cool photos. It's been an agonizing four-state bicoastal toyhunt to locate them for myself and my immediate circle of toy geeks, and we're not done yet. Good Luck!

Kirk D. said...

chuck- if you get desperate I see that someone is selling all of them on ebay right now for fifteen bucks. It might save your sanity to just get them there.
just search for jigglers monsters.

devlin- this skeleton was yet another gift so I never got to see the display card. It must be cool if you made repros. I can't wait to see it, thanks!
I love the words Mystery and Skeleton used together.

CJD said...

Very nice example here, Kirk. I suppose you guys know about the skeleton head key chain found in packages of Kellog's Rice Krispies that blinks (in a mysterious reddish-orangish glow) intermittently and without mercy?

Kirk D. said...

No I do NOT know of this, but I need to so that I may complete my toy skeleton knowledge.
You have this skeleton you speak of?

Dr Eamer said...

This is a cool page - I had no idea there were so many types of skeleteons. Dem bones dem bones dem DRY bones...!

Kirk D. said...

Thanks Dr.
Stick around because I'm not even halfway through!

Todd Franklin said...

I dig this one!

HarveyMidnight said...

I have at least 3 of those keychains-- they were in Rice Krispies as marketing for the Pirates Of The Carribean sequel. The skull itself is totally white, despite the fact that am eyepatch & a pirate doo-rag are etched into the design. One cool thing about it, tho, is that the blinking strobe effect -- which is either blue or red-- looks brightest, right inside the one visible eye-socket.

HarveyMidnight said...

Ohh... the keychain mentioned above isn't an entire skeleton, just a skull.

Rozum said...

I think these were also given out as a premium for joining the Stephen King Book Club.

Kirk D. said...

Hmmm. I will look into these Rice Krispie skulls. No matter that it's just a skull. You never know when I may have the countdown of skulls.

Rozum- that makes it even cooler, thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

i had one of these years ago (mid 80s), which i bought at Disneyland in the pirate shop that used to be (and maybe still is?) right where you exit the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Devlin Thompson said...

I picked up a couple of new purple-eyed specimens of this guy up in Greenville, SC on Monday, and let me tell you, the crappiness of their current display could bring a tear to one's eye. The actual skeleton himself remains magnificent, however.

Anonymous said...

This skeleton also stars in The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Being a big Rocky nerd, I can tell you that his head is attached to Eddie's slingshot around his neck, and some of his bones are on the back of Eddie's jacket.