October 31, 2006


Era: Unknown
Glow-in-the-Dark?: No
Place of Origin: Flea Market
Rib Count: 24
Celebrity Look-alike: Every celebrity of average stature
Description: I stated the philosophy behind my personal skeleton preferences in the last post. Well, this one is the tallest, most accurate skeleton I've ever owned aside from the one lurking under my own skin. It will please you to know that he was created for the purpose of education.. for the betterment of mankind! He came with a complete set of organs and the transparent skin casing seen above. He even has a brain inside that skull. And yes, technically he is a toy and not one of those pricey classroom models, and no he doesn't glow in the dark, but that's what glow-in-the-dark paint is for. Please stop questioning my judgement.. I've made up my mind! It is my pleasure to present to you, the greatest skeleton of the 2006 internet skeleton countdown.. Skeleton #1. (I guess that was pretty anticlimactic since you've already seen the photo.)
Cause of Death: Malpractice
Rating: 11

Before I bring the countdown to a close I'd like to take a look at a few that I would have liked to include, but they aren't members of my collection yet...

The Lego Skeleton- I realize they have a subculture of their own, and rightfully so, but somehow I've gone this long without owning even one.

The Playmobil Skeleton- I wasn't aware of these until this countdown. At this time, I solemnly vow to own one by next Halloween.

Scareglow from the Masters of the Universe series- Though I watched the cartoon every weekday afternoon (when I was way too old for it) and I'm fond of several choice characters (Moss Man, I love you.) I'm hesitant to admit that I never fully embraced all things He-Man. However, the introduction of Scareglow caused me to pause, reassess and eventually unlearn everything I knew about the series.

Microman Skeleton suit- I saw this for the first time today. It was a "convention exclusive" costume made for dressing up Micromen (they were called Micronauts in the states) It seems they reproduced these at one time and they made a Godzilla costume too! Someday all my toys will have Halloween costumes of their own.

And so... it is with great pleasure that I conclude this groundbreaking look into the astonishing world of toy skeletons. I would like to thank all of you commenters for the valuable, informative, and often hilarious feedback.. especially you regulars: Steven, Rozum, Gentle Disonance, Todd F., HarveyMidnight, Herva, Flashfink, ChuckBarris, Smurfwreck, Cjd, Travis (creator of the wonderful Sandy Duncan image) Devlin, and resident expert Gugon. You all made it so much fun and really kept me motivated. And an extra thanks goes out to those of you who actually contributed to my obsession Todd, Rozum, and Devlin. Happy Halloween to all!

The Cast (Click picture to super-size)

The Blacklight test (Click to super-size)


gugon said...


Becky said...

This has been so much fun. Thanks for sharing this; I awaited each installment delivered to my bloglines daily. Yay! -- Becky

Steven Altis said...

This has been such a cool countdown, but that comment about the skeleton under your own skin got me to thinking about how much cooler it would have been if the number #1 skeleton had been yours! Seriously, next year you should think about heading to the hospital for a full body x-ray!

Todd Franklin said...

Now I feel I can go out into the world with new knowledge about toy skeletons. Every time I look at a wiggly rubber skeleton I'll think back to your crazy calcium enriched countdown! Happy Halloween!

alicia marie said...

I feel the need to admit my secret blog stalking that has been going on this month...just found your blog randomly, and have been addicted. Even sent all my friends the link, because every time I read the latest entry, I laugh my ass off...it has really made alot of my days lately. SO I just wanted to formally alert you to my presence, and add my BRAVO to you for a fantastic halloween skeleton count-down!!

Todd Franklin said...

Hey check out the new Killers video! It has everything like a movie drive-in, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Harryhausen, skeletons and it's directed by Tim Burton!


Travis said...

Well, I didn't get to comment during the last week, but I never missed an entry- a great Halloween countdown! Huzzah to the shop-keep!

Herva said...

hee haw, did I miss the "removeable guts that look like a tongue shoved into the ribcage" skeleton or have you never forked over the cash for one? Maybe saving it for next year? I need to get over to MG Novelty and get you one if it hasn't entered the collection.

Rozum said...

This was great, Kirk. Will it be skeletons again next year, or perhaps bats, or rubber spiders? Whatever it is, I look forward to it.

Thanks for all the treats.

gentle_dissident said...

todd, that so so song becomes the greatest song with that video.....the best video ever!

Kirk D. said...

Gugon- It's not as cool as the awesome medical model you found at that sale you blogged about, but I figured you'd like it.

Becky- You're very welcome. If you had fun then my work is done. Well, that's not true. Must.. make.. more.. fun.

Steven- Dang, that would have been the ultimate ending. There's great irony in the fact that I've never seen my real skeleton. I should take donations for an x-ray.

Todd- It's been a pleasure to be a fellow "countdown artist" with you this year.
And that Killers video is way cool. I love how Creature was thrown in for good measure.

Alicia- I gladly acknowledge your presence and I'm glad the countdown provided some laughs. (although I think I ran out of funny somewhere in the top 10) And thanks for your "grass roots" promotional campaign.

Travis-I'll never forgive you for not commenting that last week. Oh, what the heck..you're forgiven.

Herva- I remember that one well, but it was too repulsive for me to buy. However if I would have known about the countdown back then I would have bought it for the shock value.

Rozum- Thanks and likewise. There were some excess skeletons, but not enough for another 31 slots. I do have some other spooky ideas for next year though.

Gentle D- I thought the same thing
the video really brought the Oingo Boingo out.

Flashfink! said...

The blacklight photo of the whole gang makes an INCREDIBLE desktop background!

Devlin Thompson said...

Now I feel stupid because it took my assistant Robert pointing it out for me to realize that #1 is not in fact the Renwal/Revell/Skilcraft Visible Man, but the GIANT one from a few years ago. Which I OWN, for crying out loud! (Actually, I've got a LOT of Visible Men and Women. Too many, really.) I never saw this guy in a store, but the skeleton and a similar (but, I think, larger) skull with stand were sold by Target circa 1995-6. The anatomical model that's currently sold in "Smithsonian" packaging was sold with same packaging as these at the time. Also, I think there was a smaller scaled-down version of the same skeleton, but I didn't bother with it...I was after bigger game! I found two of this one at two different yard sales a couple of weeks apart earlier this year, who, combined, made a single good one. I do think you should emphasize his HUGENESS--the photos don't make it clear that he's taller than a Shogun Warrior (though, regrettably, not as well-armed).

Ellen said...

The Inky ghost is awesome.

Kirk D. said...

devlin- I should have known you would already own the number one skeleton!
Somehow I don't even have a visible man or woman.
I was actually planning to emphasize the size of him (I even put the quarter in his hand for scale) but I kind of just forgot to go there. Hmmm the skeleton vs. the shogun warrior. You've got something there.

ellen- well put.

1992 said...

These things completly own! I have a few of those pictured there. They usually came from a Skee Ball machine prize at Wild Wood NJ in the early 80s. I specificly remember the pirate hat waring 2D skeleton because it reminded me of the beautiful Bill Tracy props on Hunt's Pier (RIP). BTW, the black light photo is now my current windows wallpaper.

Kirk D. said...

1992, it sounds like skeletons have played an excellent role in your life. I do hope to go to Wild Wood someday. I'm glad you're making the most of that blacklight photo!