September 05, 2014


When you're a freelancer, jobs are usually finished with zero fanfare, often in the middle of the night. Sometimes I'll celebrate with a trip to the 24 hour grocer for a pack of Cookie Dough Bites and an all-I-can-read visit to the magazine section. That's why I turn to you, dear internet user, to share my latest creations.

Earlier this year Wired presented a history of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's a history that I was a part of early on, as a fan who didn't have access to Comedy Central, but did live in a dorm where VHS tapes of the show could be tracked down with a bit of sleuthing and bartering. The show rose to power at the perfect time for me because college was the most emotionally perilous era of my life, full of failed relationships, sticky family situations, and the loss of my dad, but turning on MST3K always felt like spending the evening with friends when the real ones weren't available.

Recently I've been able to claim a miniscule spot in the show's official legacy by creating some designs under the art direction of Joel himself. As the article reported, efforts have long been underway to reboot the show which will most likely happen with a crowd sourcing campaign. These thrive on donor rewards, and that's where my designs come in. Here's the one that's been officially revealed...


It's for a "breakfast cereal kit" and the toy will be included. There are other even wonderful-er rewards that are still under wraps, but the whole campaign is laden with complexity so it's still a crossed-fingers situation. Thankfully, we'll always have those VHS tapes.

Wait, please don't click away yet, I'm not done. As some folks know, I've somehow formed a cottage industry out of drawing fake family portraits of fictional families that sometimes include images of real people at a younger age. Oh, you know, wacky sort of stuff...goofin' with art...crazy times and what have you. Anyway, I recently did one for comedian John Mulaney that he birthday-gifted to his fiance (now wife) Annamarie, and now her "whole life is complete!"

This will be even more notable in a couple of months once his new show on Fox becomes the sitcom of the millennium. Each time you watch it please think of me, and speak a little message to me out loud. Same goes for Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Brian Barnes said...

Wow, a MST3K related gig. For the die hard fans like me (and obviously you) -- I started watching in season 2, also in college -- this must be like touching the holy light of some elder god who has returned to grace us all with his undying love, bringing peace and harmony to every dark edge of a random universe.

I might have over-sold that! :)

No, in honesty, that's incredible, and I'll be certain to throw some cash that way when the crowd funding starts. Good luck on the job and good luck on Joel getting this thing off the ground! Rifftrax and the now defunct CT were good, but the host segment interactions and the robots themselves (who could be cartoon characters) was always a missing element that brought the "your family" atmosphere to the show.

Janice Young said...

I absolutely love the Crow cereal box, and, if available in the future, would love to own one. The artwork and design are stunningly beautiful. Thanks to you for doing it, and to Joel for giving you the permission to do so.

Kirk D. said...

Brian, you described it extremely well. That is exactly what it's like, no over-selling. And I agree, the host segments bring the heart.

Janice, thank you! I certainly hope it will be available, so stay tuned!