October 27, 2011


For years Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily have created a breathtaking assortment of artifacts for the Disney parks drawing inspiration from yesteryear's best Disney designs. Their body of work is truly phenomenal, placing them high among my personal creative heroes.

If you like to treat your eyes well then I recommend visiting this gallery of nearly all of their creations, as well as Kevin's Portfolio and Blog.
If you need further convincing I invite you to take a hard look at the following delights...

Ceramic replicas of vintage concession packaging...

Paper sculpture that cannot be fully appreciated unless enlarged

original illustrations by Kevin Kidney, Boy and Girl with Disneyland souvenirs

Tin Signs

1 comment:

Major Pepperidge said...

Kevin and Jody's stuff is truly amazing!

I've always wanted to see some of the stuff that they proposed that did not get approved.