September 09, 2009


I invite you to read my new etiquette guide for rock stars on; it's called The Do's and Don'ts of Self-titled Record Albums. It's not the type of thing I'm accustomed to writing about here, which made it all the more fun to write.


Anthony said...

Excellent article! I left a wee comment over there, if you'd like to read my feedback... :)

Christoher Smith said...

Kirk I will read this. Then I will let you know if it's worth my time.

blalock said...

Nice article, Kirk! Even though Weezer is my favorite band, they are about to run out of primary colors for album titles, and it's time to mix it up. If not, here's to a Yellow Album!

Kirk D. said...

anthony- thanks! I'll comment on your comment over there now that I've commented on your comment here.

Chrisoher- well?

blalock- thanks! I'm a fan of theirs too. I wonder if they'll start getting into secondary colors.