April 10, 2009


Let's do this one Jeopardy! style...

The Answer: A tie, a radio, a ring and a toilet.
The Question: What are two things that start with the letter "R" and two things that start with a "T" that could potentially squirt you with water?

Now you know.


Pearl Berries said...

So with the toilet "Squirt-R", the embarrassment probably lies in the fact that there are at least 12 people in the bathroom and 4 of them appear to be the victims of this gag.

That sounds like a re-occuring nightmare I have.

Jody B. said...

I would definitely wear the squirting bowtie. Unashamedly.

Kirk D. said...

Pearl- lol, great point!

Jody- a genius sense of humor should never bring shame. way to go.

Anonymous said...

The "squirt ring" kid is doing it wrong...
You don't squirt the wall BEHIND your "victim!"

Also I LOVE the weird little green dog in the squirt radio graphic!