April 04, 2009


There are so many snarky comments to be made about this unbelievably weak entry in the annals of prankdom; so many that I'm overwhelmed.

The next time you find yourself annoyed by an over-hyped film, band, or video game think back to the days when rubber shoe mud was described as Amusing, Exciting and most baffling of all— Exclusive!
The next time you think modern product packaging materials have gotten out of control, again I invite you to recall Mud on your Shoe with a back card that is literally twenty times the size of the product.
The next time you feel that consumer marketing is grossly excessive, go ahead and ponder the hubris behind the decision to proclaim this molded plastic sludge a "Sensational!! NEW HIT."

I keep staring at Mud on your Shoe and wondering if that particular shape and placement on the shoe has ever come close to occurring in the history of mud... or shoes.

The directions actually instruct the user to apply it to their shoe with two thumb tacks. So even after the first wave of laffs tapers off there's another riot in store when the hostess discovers the fresh pool of blood on the carpet.


David W. said...

So that's "mud." Really?

Not even a hint on the card to what it truly looks like. This was made in extremely gentler times.

Do you have a manufacturing date on this?

Kirk D. said...

Heh, good point.

I looked and it's from 1961. Right around the year Mad Men takes place. I'd love to see the marketing meeting for this product.