October 03, 2008


Just showing off the new paint job on my workbench and storage area in my garage. As long as we've owned the place the entire thing has been coated with a displeasing red brick-like color (which can still be seen on the door at the top). My friend Jon and I utilized leftover paint from a half dozen other projects and ended up with what you see here. I was happy that it turned out so fun and even a bit mid-century-ish.

As you may have noticed, it's also a haven for my ancient electronics. I think that every garage could use a beat up old radio, a tv that picks up two channels (at least until everything goes digital next year), and a turntable for playing flea market LPs. So I've got the cool workspace; now I just need to learn how to fix something.


The Vintage Reader said...

That looks really great. A perfect place to take on something from Vintage Projects!

Jody B said...

Cool! Looks kind Mondrian in a way...

Anonymous said...

Hey have you guys seen this on ebay? It's an awesome combo..


Kirk D. said...

vintage reader- those are very cool. I could definitely see myself and my boy trying to build a classic soap box racer.

jody- very true! I could have really done so with some primary colors.

anonymous- I have not and it looks like good stuff.

plcary said...

Your "Simpsons" reference didn't go unnoticed!
moe: a garage? la-di-da mr. frenchman.
homer: what do you call it moe?
Moe: i call it a car-hole!

Kirk D. said...

Haha! Yes. I was hoping somebody would be brilliant enough to pick up on that. Kudos!
Yeah, that bit cracks me up every time.

beth said...

Huh?! Was I the only one thinking "Partridge Family"?

Love the car hole. Love the blog.


Kirk D. said...

beth, that's actually exactly what my wife said when she first saw it.

Thanks for visiting!