August 18, 2008


Hey folks! It is with a gleeful heart that I tell you that I'm a contributing artist in this year's Crazy 4 Cult show at the wonderful Gallery 1988 in glamorous Los Angeles, USA. For those unfamiliar, it's an amazing art show where artists reinterpret classic cult films. I'll be there this Friday for the opening reception (hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier). Last year thousands of people came through, but if you can spot me among the other thirty-something, black-rimmed-glasses-wearing, hairless men, then by all means say hello. I will reward you with a hearty handshake and some painful smalltalk.

I've got a series of four pieces in the show which I'll post here later this week. But if you care enough to want a sneak peek then I invite you over to Kevin Smith's blog to see one of them! (Hint: it's a family portrait of sorts, and you'll have to scroll down a bit.) And yes, that was just an excuse to point out that a well known filmmaker posted my work. Thankfully, he's keeping me humble by leaving it uncredited.

Anyway, here's the info...
Opening Reception: FREE ADMISSION
Hosted again by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
Friday, August 22nd, 7-11PM
7020 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038
(South East corner of Melrose & LaBrea)


Chris Donato said...

That's some scary shit, Kirk D.

Rozum said...

Congrats, Kirk. Nice piece, too. I hope those of us who can't make the show can see the others you did sometime.

Tokyo Tapes said...


My co-workers and I were discussing your piece and wondered if there is significance to the portrait justification. My take was the framing left room for another "member of the family" that is unknown or or unseen. On the other end of the spectrum my co-workers took it much more at face value. They felt it was meant to emulate the craftsmanship (or lack thereof) of a period Sear's portrait studio artisan.. I haven't seen 'The Shining' in ages so if there is another reference lurking in there I very well could have missed it. Thanks for reminding me what a fantastically creepy movie this was, it's now on top of my Netflix queue.

I know the piece is whatever we want it to be but I'm just curious about your intentions :)

Todd Franklin said...

Some paintings are like people: some shine and some don't - Kirk your painting is one that shines!

Excellent work and have fun at the show just don't party like the Donner party!

Kirk D. said...

Chris- ha, I'm glad. I figured most would think funny, but scary is good too.

rozum- Thanks. and I'll post them all by Friday.

tokyo tapes- I'm honored that it was being discussed! to answer your question, I chose to frame it that way based on reference photos of vintage "professional" family portraits in which the lack of craftsmanship that you mentioned was rife.
All four of my pieces are faux studio portraits. I wanted the Shining to look the cheapest given the era and the Torrence's seemingly low income.
Although your unseen member theory is so cool that I sort of wish I was going for that.
Thanks for asking!

Todd- lol, thanks!

Sue said...

Just fabulous Kirk. Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Kirk D. said...

thanks Sue! They're now there for the seeing in my most recent post.