July 30, 2008


Hey, all of you Tulsan convention goers, I'll be presenting Foot and Flip at Defcon 7 in Tulsa, Oklahoma this Saturday (August 2nd) at 10 AM. It'll be neato! Helpful hint- come to my presentation if you want good seats for Tom Morga, the guy who has played Jason, Leatherface, and Michael Myers. His thing is right after mine.


The Vintage Reader said...


I had no idea this was going on (this is how involved I am in my new/old community). If we can find a babysitter or decide that the Vintage Toddler can be trusted (or better yet, COSTUMED!) we'll be there.

Kirk D. said...

Ha! We'll I've never been to a Defcon before so I have no idea what to expect. So please don't plunk down 40 bucks for family admission unless your family unit is just crazy about that Leatherface guy, or avid anime enthusiasts. I couldn't handle that kind of pressure. Nor do I want to be indirectly behind any mental trauma involving a toddler. ;)

The Vintage Reader said...

Well, we don't want the V.T. to disrupt your showing; he's usually pretty good, but you know how unpredictable toddlers can be. :-) And his aunt has plans other than babysitting. We really are looking forward to seeing FOOT someday, but I don't think it will be today. :-)

karen (threeton) kauffman said...

Hey Kirk,
I'm just catching up with the amazing things you've been up to the last 10 years or so. :-)

Congrats on Foot!
Comic Con official selection? ... not too shabby!

Kirk D. said...

Vintage reader- as you can see from my following post, your toddler would have been welcome to play on the stage if he wanted. Still, I'm glad you didn't shell out the admission. Probably not ideal Foot watching conditions.

karen- Hey Three-Town (It's still hilarious!) great to hear from you!
I actually think I saw you at a HOW conference a few years back (the Fingerprint Hand-Made design panel as I recall) and I tried to get over to you, but you had vanished by the time I got across the room.
comic con film fest is a bit shabbier than it sounds, but thanks.

Hope you've enjoyed your virtual visit. Let me know if you've got any web space of your own so I can check it out.