October 08, 2007


Hey folks! We've made it through the first week of the Secret Fun Blog 2007 Halloween countdown. Thanks to all the other participating blogs, I've been having more fun than I did last year, and I hope that you are too. I just wanted to re-list some other blogs that are doing Halloween countdowns. In no particular order...
Branded in the 80s
John Rozum
Plastic Pumpkins
Drunken Severed Head
Senses Working Overtime
Distinctly Jamacan
All Eyes and Ears
Random Acts of Geekery
Frankenstein's Fun House
Mostly Ghostly
The Horrors Of It All
The Retropolitan
Jart In My Head
Wonderful Wonderblog
Monster Rally

I'm sure I'll keep adding to the list.
Happy Halloween!

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Monster-Maniac said...

Yeah, wow... I was trying so hard to keep up with mine I didn't notice it's already been a week! It's thanks to all the other cool blogs that I have anything to post! Thanks much, HAPPY HALLOWEEN