February 01, 2007


Yesterday, UniqueDaily.com picked up my recent post called "My Life in Frosting." I got a kick out of seeing a thumbnail image of my sister and I at age six alongside pictures of subjects such as Snoop Dogg getting high, Bob Saget, and a woman with a leopard skin fetish. (Here's what I'm talking about.)
Shortly thereafter, web behemoth eBaum's World followed suit with a tiny link...

(close up. third one down.)

..that has yielded a huge spike in traffic. (I estimate 25,000 unique visitors by the end of today). Obviously, eBaum's gets visitors from everywhere, including Japan. Thus a Japanese blog picked up the post...

Once again I found it interesting to see my four-year-old self being blogged about in such a distant culture. A true internet moment. So out of curiosity I used babbelfish to get a rough translation of the post. Note the part that I highlighted..

"From 1 year old of a certain home the birthday cake up to 22 years old the picture of home and the friend who surround that. (15 - Because the fact that it is not 21 up to year old perhaps was adolescence kana w) Very the happy scenery. It is what, the bosom oak ��ou remember the time of your own child. The true happy �� lever it is the kana which is feeling.
The cake of 14 years old being too radical why.
Properly, the mother the �� �� speaking lastly, thank you �� is what, it can cry. You wanted to appreciate it cannot appreciate in the parent. "

The overall gist of the comment seems to be a favorable one, but my heart sank a little when I remembered my "radical" 14 year photo...

It's a group of American teens taking aim at a South Korean flag of course. (see the original post for an explanation.) Ah, it's both amusing and disturbing to think about this ridiculous 20-year-old photo that was taken in my mom's kitchen being pondered by a Japanese blogger; especially considering the historically troubled relationship between the two countries.

So to set the record straight I offer this simple message to South Korea..

나는 남한 및 일본을 사랑한다
(I love South Korea and Japan.)

And here's one for you Japan...

(I love Japan and South Korea.)

Well, I think that takes care of everything for now. Disaster averted. Man, if only those toy guns would have had little orange barrel caps.


Smurfwreck said...

And thus the beauty of the internetdom.

I found it kind of weird that on that first page you mentioned, the UniqueDaily.com, my Jolly Rancher soda review was listed. I don't know why that's weird to me but it is...

Travis said...

Amazing that a mundane photo could have such far-reaching effects. Our world has changed since we were 14!

나는 남한 및 일본을 사랑한다 too!

MrBaliHai said...

"나는 남한 및 일본을 사랑한다"

I'm pretty sure that actually says, "I've got your hot kimchi injection right here!"

Kirk D. said...

smurf- I noticed that too. It looks like someone was surfing the ol' retro-blog circuit. I'll bet you got some sweet traffic as well.

travis- no doubt. What is this strange and futuristic world?

mr. balihai- d'oh!