February 15, 2007


Six-year-old artist extraordinaire and Secret Fun Spot fan, Aaron Job has recently created his very own Flip adventure which he shares here on his blog. In this episode entitled "Aliens" we see what happens when Flip takes a ride on a flying saucer! I love that Aaron has stayed true-to-form with the "show it, don't say it" style of storytelling. The alien on Flip's t-shirt is also a great touch. Maybe this is what attracted the aliens to begin with!? Well, check it out and decide for yourself.
It's a genuine honor to see this next-gen storyteller combine my little character with his own big imagination. Never stop drawing Aaron!


iamchief said...

Thank you, Kirk.

~Aaron Job's dad

Aaron Job said...

Thank you Mr. Kirk for putting that flip thing on your blog.
Aaron Job

Flamen Dialis said...

Great Job! (as Flip's offscreen director would be heard saying).
It's funny to see this entry tonight. My 9 year-old son Owen and I have "Friday Night Freakshow" every Friday night - it's a special time that "us guys" get to ourselves - we get popcorn and snacks and go downstairs to The Lair to watch cool movies. Tonight Owen's choice was Landis' "Schlock" (a personal favorite of his that we've watched about 6 times in the past year) and the "Flip" DVD (and we watched all the extras except the commentaries!) We both love it and crack up together at the same scenes each viewing. Along with Aaron, that makes at least two youngsters that you've affected with your work, Kirk!
Now the obvious question - when in the hell are we going to see another live action Flip adventure?
- Flamen Dialis

Kirk D. said...

You're quite welcome Aaron and iamchief.

flamen- Hey, welcome back! I wondered what had become of you. I just assumed I had offended you somehow (which is what I always assume about everyone.)

Anyway, I love knowing that Flip is part of your father/son ritual.
To answer your question.. Well, truth is there aren't plans to make more at this point. But Flip has led each of us to all kinds of other opportunities, some of which we're working on now. We've actually been approached in the past about making more episodes on a larger scale. That didn't work out, but you never know what could happen. Folks still buy the DVD, and it even aired on TV in Austin a few months ago so Flip still walks among us!

Travis said...

Rock on, Aaron! I learned how to draw by copying the cartoons I loved. Keep it up! Kirk- you're a good guy for posting Aaron's work- you're obviously (and rightly) flattered by it, and this was one of my favorite Secret Fun posts!

Max said...

I, too hope for more "Flip", which I flipped over when I first saw it. I always show it when a friend visits for the first time, and it always makes people laugh.

Your dark ride tribute is one the best things I've ever seen on the web. What a lot of fun.



Kirk D. said...

Thanks Travis, it is indeed flattering. Glad you enjoyed the post so much.

max, there has been some new and recent interest in Flip, so like I said.. you never know what may happen. I'm also glad you dug the dark ride article.