January 09, 2007


I guess I've always figured that the whole "NOT! joke" phenomenon originated with the characters on SNL's Wayne's World; but if you haven't already, check out the Penguin's line in the panel above. I just noticed this in a reprint of Batman #25... which came out in 1944!
Believe It --OR NOT!
(It also seems that Batman and Robin invented Rap Music in the same panel!)


Smurfwreck said...

Oh man, that is some pretty badass on the spot rhyming. Before Vanilla Ice, even before Debbie Harry, Bruce Wayne was so OG.

eviedee said...

Your blog never makes me laugh, NOT!
Wow I just managed to annoy myself!

Jeff said...

The earliest use of "not," in that context at least.

Travis said...

This is true investigative journalism! Important cultural evidence! I thought Walter Brennan invented rap with his 1964 song Old Rivers. I was way off!

Anonymous said...

See also:

Kirk D. said...

smurf- You're right, that does sound so vanilla ice-ish.

eviedee- Ha! it was well worth your embarrassment. Thanks.

jeff- indeed.

travis- I admit I had to do some research to get it, but I'm better off for it. Ha!

anonymous- (Is that you Paul?)
Hey, that's fantastic. But wait, this means that I lose!
(Funny, I just discovered 'Weekend Stubble' two days ago!)

Toby said...

As far as the use of "Not!" goes in an 'SNL' context, an even earlier example can be found in the "Slumber Party" sketch from a 1975 episode hosted by Madeline Kahn (first season).


Just doing my part for TV trivia....

Kirk D. said...

Thanks for the contribution Toby. The fact that it's from an earlier episode is pretty interesting.
Mike Myers is shaping up to be quite the hack! Why isn't there a blog out there that's devoted to his topic?!
Somebody make one quick!

Buck said...

Batman rocks, I used to watch the old Batman with Adam West. He was from Gearhart, Oregon not far from where I grew up.

Unknown said...

I thought Adam West grew up on a farm in Walla Walla Washington. Hmmmm.