December 15, 2006


This photo is deceiving because I didn't get all of that stuff in one haul. What you see was the entire Star Wars collection that I had been amassing for a year (though a great year I must say). I was presented with the Death Star on that Christmas morning of 78, and that evening I carted it back to my bedroom and set it up on the floor in the designated Star Wars section. It remained there on my carpet as the next two sequels hit theaters and the population of my Star Wars Land skyrocketed. Frequent play finally ceased about a year after Jedi left the cinema. At that point the toy became more of a display piece but it continued to be a highlight of my bedroom d├ęcor. In 1988 I gave my bedroom a complete teenage overhaul and the Death Star playset was re-boxed for the first time in roughly a decade. Soon I'll carry it in from the garage and set it up for my son.


Todd Franklin said...

1978 was my favorite childhood Christmas and I was lucky enough to get a Death Star too!

That's such a great photo! My parents didn't take any photos of us with our toys. Just some group shots was about it.

Smurfwreck said...

I have a very similar picture with my entire collection spread out by the tree, but I'm not in it.

Anonymous said...

I, too, received the Death Star for Christmas. The trash monster scared me so I buried it in the bottom of the family magazine box. Anytime I had to look for a magazine I always cringed for fear of finding the little green monster.

Brian O.