September 08, 2006


I chose to base my second Would-Be Weeble, on another wonderful toy from the 1970s, Mazinga of the Shogun Warriors series. The 24-inch plastic robot eluded me as a child due to it's "dangerous" spring-loaded missiles and I've remained Mazinga-less thanks to the hefty price tag it now carries. I've always admired his design and I think it makes for a decent Weeble, relatively speaking. At least a Weeble version would have been safe enough to meet my parents standards.


chuckbaris said...

I too have dreamed many times of owning my own Mazinga. Alas it goes on the list of toys I probably will never purchase along with Great Garloo, and those giant quarter scale monsters side show released.

But a man can dream.

chuckbaris said...

Might I also make a would be weeble request?
It occurs to me that Krusher would make a good weeble.

Kirk D. said...

You mention Great Garloo and then you go and request Krusher? Baffling!
(I guess you're over Master Wu now.)

jason said...

I was (and still am) the proud owner of a Mazinga. I even managed to hold onto all the missiles somehow. Great toy.

Love the weebles - keep 'em coming!

Kirk D. said...

Lucky you Jason. Send me that Mazinga and I'll make any custom Weeble you wish! : )
Glad you're enjoying them, I've sure got a bunch that I want to do.

Todd Franklin said...

I like, I like! I was in the same boat, always wishing for one of the large Shogun Warriors, but instead I just had the small ones. I did have a large Dragun in my collection, but eventually sold him.

nemo434 said...

The medium size Shoguns were really the best of the bunch. All the Shogun-ny goodness you could ever ask for and crafted out of a chunk of metal heavy enough to clobber a little brother with to boot.

Anonymous said...

I still have my Shogun Godzilla. It's definately one of my top five best toys ever in the history of all mankind. Ever. Man, I love that toy. It has seen better days. He's missing some toenails, the "fire" lever on the back of his head broke about 2 weeks after I got him, and his head falls off occasionally. But I still have his shooting hand. I don't understand it, but I have it.

I also have Gaiking, but that's another story, for another time.

God bless the Shogun Warriors!


Kirk D. said...

To all you guys who had, and still have your Shogun Warriors.. I feel for you because I can only assume that you're all currently blind in both eyes.. right? And can you even count the number of times you were admitted into the ER with other firing-fist and missile related accidents?

You are all very brave individuals.

Anonymous said...

I miss my Shogun Warriors (yeah, I had the full-sized ones, but not sure which one I had) and those other similar-sized toys that kicked footballs and shot basketballs. Me and my brother had those, but along with most stuff we had, they're gone from existance. I often ponder what happened to our toys as we grew older. They simply seemed to disappear. At least I still have my G.I. Joes.

Thanks for brightening my day. Happy Fun Blog keeps me young.

-WL Blakeshaw