August 04, 2006


Just FYI- I'm a contributor in the latest issue of Comic Art magazine. I wrote a brief article called "The Art of S.S. Adams" that's followed by an eight page showcase of said art. Most of the images are straight out of my book, but I gave them a couple pieces that didn't find a place in Life of the Party.

If you're not familiar with it, Comic Art is sort of a dream-come-true for comic enthusiasts. Their web site says it best...
"Comic Art is the only beautifully produced, full-color art magazine focusing on the comic medium. The material covered is wide-ranging: newspaper strip, magazine panel, and comic book art, both historical and contemporary... Comic Art emphasizes outstanding print quality and lush production values..."

The latest issue has taken the publication to a whole new level. With 172 sturdy pages, It feels more like a book than a magazine. Each feature is lengthy and in-depth, and the coverage ranges from pure "pop" to stuff so obscure you will probably never see it anywhere else. Therefore art from a turn-of-the-century French humor magazine gets equal treatment as Warlock, Marvel Comics' rarely honored "cosmic adventurer" from the 1970s. Kudos to you Comic Art! As Cabin Boy would say.. "Awards all around!"


Todd Franklin said...

Cool, I'll need to check that mag out!

Herva said...

Cabin Boy... you fancy-lad

Kirk D. said...

Todd-I know that you of all people will like the magazine.

"Somebody's daddy is missing a leg!"
-Cabin Boy