July 20, 2006


Just a quick note for those of you who are attending San Diego Comic Con this year.. I will be setting up camp at the Flapjack Toys booth #4635 on Friday afternoon and Saturday attempting to peddle an extremely limited supply of my S.S. Adams books. Stop by and say hello if you wish.



chuckbaris said...

Yes but who will be manning the Rover Dangerfield booth this year?

letseatpaste said...

Kirk, if you read this while you're there, give Jason R the racking of a lifetime for me.

Prather said...

asmuncher, when are you going to be out here,Dates? We are having child next weekend but I would like to come down and have a lunch with you or something if you don't feel like being a snob. If it is later than next week I should have no problem coming to see you, but if next week it would be tough to get away.


Kirk D. said...

Chuck- LOL <-- That means that I laughed out loud at your comment.

letseatpaste- Well, I'm back and the rackings were somewhat restrained (though not absent). Jason had a recent surgery that placed him off limits.

prather- I guess there's no need to figure out this logistical enigma as I'm reading your message from home. Would have been fun to see you. Looks like you'll need to take your family on a National Lampoon's style road trip.
Good luck with the baby having!

AWG said...

Did you meet John K. of Ren & Stimpy fame?

Kirk D. said...

Hey AWG- No but I saw some other famous folks (Stan Lee, Quintin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Matt Groening)
Boy, there's just way too much to see and do.