May 11, 2006


Hey Folks! My name's Kirk, and I'm the purveyor of a web site called Secret Fun Spot. I decided to set up this blog as an extension of it. I've felt the lure of the blog for some time now, but I've had to ask myself... Is there any reason why I should throw another blog onto the already colossal pile? Here's what I've come up with...

-This format will allow me to provide new content more often. Several neat projects (more on those later) have prevented me from updating the Fun Spot in a record nine months! I've been blessed with loads of traffic recently, and I hate to let down returning visitors seeking new fun stuff.

-Over the years I've compiled a lot of images, ideas, and stories that I'd like to share with the Fun Spot viewers which don't fit into the existing format for one reason or another. This will give me a chance to finally feature some of those.

-The comments will proved a new way for me to gather feedback. Now you can let me know that my Flash interface is "teh suck" and express that the pictures are too small. Or maybe you can inspire a new wing of this not-so-secret fun spot.

-More and more I find myself enjoying other people's blogs. In addition to the blogosphere, tools like Flickr and Youtube are really changing the face of the internet. It's becoming less about commerce and more about the consumers.. I mean the people.

So what's this thing going to be about? Much like the Secret Fun Spot, it will be a hodgepodge of the little things that interest and excite me. The emphasis will be on retro culture, neat design, and of course.. fun. While I'll spare you the details of my daily life, I will provide updates on various projects that I'm involved in. I'll do my best to bring you unique, quality content as often as my schedule allows. Well, now that my "mission statement" is out of the way.. welcome to the Secret Fun Blog! Lets start things off right with some nifty desktop wallpaper inspired by some thift store vinyl...

Click HERE for 600 x 800 and HERE for 768 x 1024


Ellen said...

Kirk, I didn't want your inaugural post to slip by with zero comments... so...

Welcome to the addictive world of blogging!

Kirk D. said...

This post has actually generated tons of comments..from annoying spambots. Time to turn on "word verification" (sigh).

Anyway, thanks for the authentic comment.

Tasha said...

Hi Kirk!
It's Tasha from matadorblossom (hoping you remember). I LOVE it that you have a blog now! I was thinking of setting one up too. I didn't realize you were only across the river, this means you can come to my bout! I'm a roller-girl now!

Good luck with the blog...I'll come back and visit for sure. Hope you are doing well.

xoxo Tasha