May 18, 2006


As a follow up to my last post which involved stickers on kid's furniture, I thought I'd share some photos of a feeble, yet noble record cabinet that served me throughout my childhood. It was in six pieces when I finally decided to trash it. I had to piece it together just long enough to take a few parting shots...

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Those super hero stickers came out of boxes of Honey Combs. Others include Superman the Motion Picture, Star Wars, and some generic Scratch N' Sniff stickers.

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Here the centerpiece is a 25 cent Superman sticker from a vending machine. The Pink Panther is all over this side. Note the "label maker" sticker that I made featuring my favorite Atari cartridges. "Rick and Tog" were from a Denny's Kid's meal. Radio 13 was a local AM station. I always liked that logo because of its ghostly feel.

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The top is dominated by Fleer's Donkey Kong stickers. I see a few screenshot stickers from Tron the arcade game and some from E.T. Those Disney characters are the priciest ones since they came directly from Walt Disney World. The Pac-Men on the bottom two corners are bootlegs.

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This series was Fleer's Stick-it-to-'em Insult Stickers.


AWG said...

Hey Kirk! Lovin' the blog. I linked it at Slice O' Life. Growing up in Little Rock, I developed a love of stickers and slogans. A friend of mine, Jonathan Buford, was big into stickers and when I'd visit his house I was amazed at all the stickers his parents let him put on his bedroom door - Wacky Packs, political bumper stickers (Carter/Mondale '80) Ole Miss college stickers, motor oil and car repair stickers (STP, Monroe, etc) school stickers, etc. And then I loved going to the Arkansas State Fair and getting stickers there. I covered a foot locker with them and would stick some on my desk at school. I can totally relate to this. Of course you know how I love putting stickers on my car, too! :-)

Flamen Dialis said...

Loved seeing that. I would give anything to have pics of the old wood headboard from the large, king-size bed that my brother and I were forced to share growing up. It was completely covered with stickers, most notably the Basil Wolverton wacky alphabet stickers that I would kill my mother with a dull axe to own again. There were lots of cool Odd Rod Roth-style stickers on there as well. Sigh.

shawn said...

Just goes to show how much we are like serial killers. Most serial killers torture small animals in their childhood. In turn, most culture(?) nerd freaks like us have heavily stickered closet doors in our past.... me and my brother had a whole door of Odd Rods.....

Kirk D. said...

Odd Rods, Wacky Packs and Garbage Pail Kids sure made interior decorators of all of us.